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My name is Emmanuele Giordano and I am the CEO of Giordano Learning. Welcome to our company! I am a native bilingual speaker of Italian and English, and am also fluent in Spanish, Cantonese and Mandarin.
I have over a decade worth of experience both in the private and public educational sectors and have developed a specialisation in working with children and adults with special education needs and learning difficulties; in particular dyslexia and autism.
The idea of starting a learning centre that provides this type of learning, came from the negative feedback I received from individuals who found that school and university learning and studying did not meet their individual needs, that traditional methods of the education system were boring and uncreative and, more importantly, felt ill-equipped for the real world.

On my journey as an educator, I have always understood the importance of learning a language and the power of gaining knowledge. However, it was always challenging transmitting that understanding to young learners, especially when they feel that they would never need or use that particular language or knowledge. Our methods of teaching are able to educate young learners the importance of language and knowledge in a fun and enjoyable manner.
The Alzheimer’s Society (2017) has a great number of resources and support packages which suggest and help people find multiple ways of staving off or even preventing dementia. One of the biggest preventions that is highlighted is the knowledge of two (or more) languages.

Languages have always played a major part in my life. Growing up in China with an Italian mother and British father (Italian origin) and later, at the age of 18, moving to the UK and finding a Polish bride have all contributed to me acquiring an invaluable wealth of cultural and linguistic knowledge.

Giordano Learning is a company that works to provide adults and children with the best possible support in learning. We can help with exam preparation, homework or applying for a job that requires you to have a certain skill set. We also support individuals and groups who wish to learn a particular language, subject or skill using fun, creative and inspirational methods.






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